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Prof. Ernst Pöppel - "Zum Entscheiden geboren"

Managers need not only be able to analyze the situation of their company - they have to draw the right conclusions, select an optimal business strategy and engage their employees in execution. Our thinking and the way our brain works plays a decisive role in this process. But in times of accelerating change, and rapidly increasing complexity, we can no longer rely on conventional thought patterns. Managers need authentic thinking and to take neuroscience into account. How do emotions change our thinking? How to lead? What motivates us? How do we learn best? Ernst Pöppel is a leading brain researcher and has studied how the human brain works and what thinking is, for decades. In "Zum Entscheiden geboren", he presents the latest findings of brain research, and makes them available for managers. Reading this book will enable to think clearly, make better decisions and to communicate in a convincing way that others can relate to.

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